Thursday, June 16, 2011

Carpet Cleaners Should Come With Each Baby...

After an incident this morning I have had many ideas regarding this subject. (
See picture below) 

(What I found when getting out of the shower this morning)

Thought #1...
Ya know we have these wonderful joyous events called "Baby Showers". These are fantastic and fun events where the parents are gifted with many adorable items for their soon to be born little adorable terrors.... oops I mean babies! ;) We as the friend's of the said parents-to-be get them cute little outfits, stuffed animals and many other fun items. WHY on earth don't we start pitching in like good friends should and get these new parents-to-be something they are REALLY going to need??? A CARPET CLEANER!!!

Next thought.....
We have Carpet cleaner made specifically for pets. This is great and I personally use it far more often then I would like to admit. HOWEVER! Some genius really needs to come up with a carpet cleaner specifically formulated for infants and toddlers. Ya know something that can treat spilled and smeared butt cream, splattered baby food, ground in sunscreen and tossed baby powder! (Can I hear an AMEN)

I should market this ^ !!!

Our intelligent Pediatricians recommend soooo many things for us. From baby formula, to thermometers, bottles, shoes, car seats and cough medicine. Why oh why don't they recommend you get a carpet cleaner at your first infant check up! I can hear it now......
"Well hello Mr. and Mrs. _______ I see here you have a healthy baby ____. Your beautiful baby is healthy and looking great. Now here is a list of carpet cleaners I recommend you go out and purchase....ASAP
That'll be the day! 

And my last but not least thought on this subject....
For every baby born the hospital should give you on your way out of the hospital door a carpet cleaner! They could get a wonderful contract with oh say Bissell or Hoover. :) Seriously this is a must! :) 

Ok now that I have efficiently made myself laugh! I hope you got a chuckle out of this too! :) 
Have an awesome and carpet-incident free day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Learning to be content

Last night I was invited to and attended a Ladies night out event. This elaborate event took place in Rancho Santa Fe in a mansion filled with beauty. I was invited by a friend who also lives in East county and is a friend to the woman who organized the event. Let's just say we were the odd (wo)men out! Sure we dressed the part and tried to look like we belonged but really we were just doing our best to fake it and have fun. :) We were there to fill seats (incase the turn out wasn't so great) and to encourage a friend who was stepping out to start a new career, oh ya and reap the benefits!!! There was a cost to get in the door and then everything else was free. I won a in-home couples massage gift basket, had my eyebrows "sugared" (a new organic form of waxing), had my makeup touched up after the waxing, and I enjoyed some delicious hors d'oeurvres and desert. It was a unique experience to say the least.
Listening to other women's conversations and talking with some of the women who live in Rancho Santa Fe in other enormous homes (and people watching) is what I have been thinking about since I left. Almost all of the women at this function were divorced some of them multiple times, most of them spoke of having boyfriends, and plastic surgery was evident everywhere I looked. Most of the women were older than me but were trying to appear younger than me. The hostess and owner of the elaborate home this all took place in appeared to have absolutely no joy in her life. Sure she had a magnificent home, beautiful furniture, extravagant artwork, hired help, designer clothes and plastic surgery from head to toe. None the less she didn't seem happy or even self confident. I was honestly surprised at how unhappy and alone someone who 'has it all' seemed to be.
The entire night really led me to appreciate what I have in life. There are times when I have wanted many of the things these other women have and have day dreamed about what that kind of life would be like. I left last night so happy to be coming home to my fantastic husband (who loves me for who I am inside and out), my adorable son (who doesn't care what I am wearing, driving or even buying), my couch (that I can put my feet on and be comfortable), my car, my pets (that do not fit in a purse and go everywhere with me!), and my food (that I can eat with out wondering what the heck it is!).
Now I am going to try (though I am sure there are many days I will fail) to focus on and remember what Hebrews 13:5 has to say.
Keep your lives free from the love of money, and be content with what you have, for God has said, "I will never leave you or abandon you."
I love my life just the way it is and I hope you do too! 

Friday, April 1, 2011


"My son smells like another woman's perfume." This thought crossed my mind tonight as I took Logan from the car to his bed. You see every other Friday night we go to our church's married couples group and sweet Logan goes into the nursery. Every other Friday night a wonderfully sweet older woman takes Logan from us and distracts him while we leave, the same wonderful woman is holding him each time we pick him up from the nursery. Tonight he fell asleep in her lap while she rocked him in the rocking chair (which if you know my son is a miracle in and of itself!).
So when I got home as I moved him from the car to his crib I smelled her perfume on Logan and smiled. I smiled remembering the very first time we dropped him off in the church nursery when he was about 5 months old. I remember calling my mom after picking him up and being kind of sad that Logan didn't smell like my perfume that day. My mom in all her wisdom told me what a beautiful thing this truly is that Logan is being loved on and cared for by another person. My mom couldn't have been more right!
The women in the nursery on Friday nights all have nick-names for Logan ranging from Logie to Loge, they all smile when they see him and at times wave at him from the hallway as we get him all signed in.
I love that others show my son love and love on him while I am away. What a blessing.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A year has come and gone

Logan just recently turned one on the 6th of this month. I think I am still in disbelief. Everyone says the time goes so quickly but until I experienced it myself I had no idea how quickly it really goes! The first year of his life was incredible, exciting, memorable and scary. Being a new mom for me meant having only some idea what to expect but having great expectations at the same time. I new it would be exciting, expected it to be hard and found it more rewarding than I ever thought possible! I am learning to expect the unexpected with this boy! Logan has a drive that is hard to keep up with sometimes! He wants to do so many things even when they are beyond his current limits. He started rolling over at 10 days old  because he hated tummy time( I have video proof), he was mad when he couldn't quite crawl yet, he was trying to run before he even learned to walk at 10ish months and now he has pushed through and can stand back up when he falls down. If he wants to do something he will figure it out, his drive is inspiring!
I love my boy so much and if the first year says anything about the rest I am going to be running each day trying to keep up with him and his accomplishments!
Thank you God for my boy!

This is as messy as he got with his cake!

The Birthday Boy

Logan's Cake